Micca MPLAY-HD Digital Media Player

Published: 23rd June 2011
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This small nevertheless highly effective system from Micca is an excellent supplement to any entertainment setup. It will mean that taking pleasure in whatever media you have will be so much easier.

The MPLAY-HD can support practically all data file forms; all you've got to do is link it to your television as you would a disc player and begin making the most of your movies, pictures and audio no matter if they are on dvds, cds, memory cards or USB drives.


Customers identify that the product includes a range of video and audio connections so you're able to hook up to the majority of systems or equipment.

Buyers declare that the high-definition image looks wonderful. Even on huge displays the picture is going to be well-defined and crystal-clear.

Individuals are also pleased with the audio processing. It generates powerful 5.1 multichannel audio.

People appreciate the menu navigation also, as it allows you to look relatively quickly through your files, folders, and sub-folders

A number of buyers point out that set up is easy, and that you should just select widescreen (16:9) after which specify the television resolution to 480p,720p,1080p etc.

The purchase price was low; the reality is that numerous evaluators claim that it's less expensive compared to a large amount of the competitors. Construction appears fairly strong too, and clients prefer its little sizing, consequently it may be very easily situated. People likewise value its pleasant matte surface; therefore you actually won't want to place it out of view either.


The most significant problem that shows up in evaluations is that people obtained one having a defective HDMI output. Furthermore, several buyers feel that they'd bought mended products which had been offered as completely new.

Whilst it really does support practically anything, a few have discovered that it may not support every drive or files, for instance Flash videos. A handful of have experienced a difficulty with other video formats too and presently there appears to be an acknowledged problem with the firmware pertaining to MP4 data files.

You have to utilize the remote control to use this particular player, and just like numerous remotes, this one also has been tagged by buyers as small flimsy with buttons that have to be pressed hard. Additionally, it does not appear to function if you are in excess of ten feet away.

Testimonials represent the guide book as brief and fairly poorly organized, and in addition explain that you'll want to study it thoroughly to comprehend it.

It was also pointed out that when you put a film on pause for a couple of minutes; once you restart, the sound might be out of synchronization, and that means you will need to stop the movie to remedy.

The Micca MPLAY-HD is an extremely versatile player which will enhance virtually any home theater. When your movie selection is both substantial as well as varied, it is a must have to experience that selection. It can link to any TV (HD or not) in a hassle-free (and portable way), with no need of the computer. For more information go to our Micca MPLAY-HD Media Player page

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